04 marzo, 2008


Flash Planetarium v. 2, by Nicolas Grégoire

credit: design and programming by Nicolas Grégoire

New to version 2:

  • allows the user to set the location to any point on Earth (menu «Carte»);
  • different windows set and a photo gallery (menu «Gallerie»);
  • it includes a close up view on Jupiter and Saturn satellites, although it is not yet fully graphically finished (click the planets when in local sky mode );
  • there is a round shapped small white button at the top of the main window that reloads the database of stars (if you do not see the stars click it);

Click the top animated buttons to alternate between the solar system orrery and local horizon modes; use mouse over to see the name of the stars and planets; click the arrow buttons to increase/decrease the time, shift the horizon etc....

You may download the editable (.fla) source code here (aprox. 1 MB).

The zip file also includes an .swf, which should run on any PC/operating system with a flash plugin installed.